Born in 1967 in Manosque (Côte d'Azur, France). Born into a family that was already interested in images. A prolific teenage imagination, nourished by hours of daily reading, country walks, television and a wide variety of encounters while helping out in his father's shop.
This same business enabled her to finance her passion for photography. Black and white lab, introduction to editing, colour and learning how to use the long pause, overprinting and all the things you can do with film when you have an imagination and no technical restrictions. Change of direction, vocational training in printing and graphic industries. The reproduction bench, the scanner, short courses in art history, photography and video editing and a bit of work psychology. Later, a CAP in 35mm projection, video option. Two parallel lives intersect, the professional and the photographic.

40+ years old, already questioning, necessary choices. It was to be Artist/Author and a degree in literature followed by the transition to digital. First art markets, fairs, galleries, exhibitions abroad. But sometimes life catches up with you and you put your career on hold. Nightmares replace dreams, reality ground you, your imagination takes another path. No more sharing. Just keep on creating to prove to yourself that the flame never goes out, that you still have the know-how, the knack...
Finally, one day, you regain control and you can rebuild. Start moving forward again, and above all start sharing, projecting yourself into the new world that has been built and developed around artistic creation.

Curriculum Vitae

2024 : Exhibitions for hire

2023 - In the light of Portugal.
Blues concert in blue: Blue colourisation of images from the 30s
mixed with contemporary shots.

2022 - Artist's residency in Sicily: The artist in an unfamiliar environment.
Ballade Londonienne: A pictorialist point of view.
Marco in New York: Working on my father's super 8 films.

2021 : The Little Prince: Illustration of the music by Peter Wittrich
(Contemporary German composer)
Haute Provence : Visual of bio-technological creation.
Poppies opus II. New versions

2020 - Portrait of the fields : Country shots and post-production
studio style
The Phoenix: a barrier to burnout at COVID
The experts :The confinement that has given birth to experts in everything.

2019 : Triptychs: What message is attached to the structure?
The power of shadows: A regressive third degree?
Textiles: Tubulars and T-shirts.

2018 - Spring music: Visualising the music
The Lavender Melody: Visualising the music
Textile collection:

2017 : Souffle de Talent : series of textile creations
Art video clips around classical piano.

2016 - Pictorialisme et Vidéogrammes) with Anna Sutyagina, pianist and artistic director of Moving Classics Tv

2014/15: Books: Hellena, Symphonie Florale, Caresses Aquatiques et Florales

2013: Photo finalist in the 2012 François Schneider Foundation Contemporary Talent competition (8 finalists out of 800 photography entries)

2012: Exhibitions Franc

2011: The square format: 90% of images are rectangular. Does the square format change the way images are read? Pictorialism and quantum photography.

2010: Work with Lycée Germaine Poinsot Chapuis - Marseille

2009: Exhibitions France

2008: Exhibitions France and Italy

2007 : Artist/Author registration - Exhibitions France and USA

2006 : Exhibitions France

2000 : D.U. L.S.F. Art and Literature University - Aix-en-Provence, France

1996 -1998 - Public relations and communication manager - Fondation Carzou - Manosque, France

1993 : Accessit couleurs Rencontres photographiques de Château-Arnoux

1992: Accessit colour Rencontres photographiques de Château-Arnoux

1991: First prize in colour at the Château-Arnoux Photographic Encounters

1990: The third degree in the image.

1986/1989 : Personal works Natural light, day and night, laboratory.





2022 - George Frideric Handel Minuet in g minor

2021 - The Little Prinze
Mohr-Villa - Munich - Family concert in the Klassik picknickt series
This poetic story, told by Munich actor Robert Gregor Kühn,
is accompanied by spellbinding music played by pianist Anna Sutyagina.
The piano sounds are the work of composer Peter Wittrich. Videogram by Pascal Barnier.

2018 - Visual classics: Anton Rubinstein - The Night

Paris International Agricultural Show, stand 3E170.
From barley to foam, from bottling to labelling, from harvesting to malting,
the different stages of work that go into making a beer

2017 : - Clouds Fantasy inspired by Claude Debussy

- Fantasy Piano Music - Anthony Sylvestre - Berceuse

- Maurice Ravel Jeux d'Eau

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